How To Read & Understand Your Kitchen Drawings

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What Does Your Kitchen Layout Drawing Tell You…

If You Know How To Listen?
Look at this kitchen plan.


It’s simple enough to use for demonstration because there is not much too it. However, it has a lot to say about itself. To listen to it you are going to ask specific questions and it will tell you the answers.
Understanding what your drawings are saying to you is very simple.
As you’ll discover in just a minute, it’s also a skill that is critically important for you to learn…if you want to eliminate uncertainty and doubt.
Back to this plan, let’s listen to what it has to say.
Kitchen plans are a lot like us if you ask the right questions they can’t stop talking about themselves.
1. Is there any separation between work space and gathering space?
No. There is no island.
2. Is your work triangle as small as possible?
3. Storage: How well do you store food, beverages, and kitchen items?
Ref/F is small so fresh and frozen food storage, and cold beverage storage is at a minimum.
You do have a pantry under the stairs so it’s not floor to ceiling but it does give you pot, pans, lids storage, dry goods, and non-Ref food storage.
Bake ware could also be stored in the pantry, that’s a lot of stuff so storage space is at a minimum.
Dish and glass storage also, at a minimum in wall cabinets above the sink.
Spices, oils, coffee, teas (active pantry items) is minimal in narrow wall cabinets left and right of the range.
The base cabinets below, left and right of the range are very narrow. And are good only for small appliances, trays, cutting boards, and relatively useless in providing utility.
Cooking utensil storage in small drawers left and right of the range, and eating utensil storage small drawer left of the sink both minimal.
Cabinet above the Ref/F not very tall, can store appliances used infrequently. There is no cabinet with trash and recycling bins.
There are more food, beverages, and kitchen items all of us have that won’t fit into this kitchen than will fit. This kitchen plan is telling us that our stuff won’t fit and that it won’t work for us.
4. Preparation: Do you have a designated efficient preparation area?
No. The only place you have any counter top is to the right of the sink above the dishwasher. And even though this kitchen space is very small the items you need to preparer whatever you are going to eat or cook/bake and eat are scattered around the kitchen.
5. Cooking/Baking: Do you have a designated efficient Cooking/Baking area?  
No. There is not enough counter space left or right of the range to allow for cooking and baking at the same time efficiently. If you’re using the cook top and oven at the same time you can’t use the surface above the oven.
So you’d have to use the counter to the right of the sink, if you’re also using that area for prep you have a problem.
6. Service: Your Kitchen’s Purpose is to provide food & Beverage service. Does this combination of appliances & cabinetry (layout) provide you food & beverage service as efficiently as possible?
No. Although this kitchen is small and everything should be close at hand it’s not. There is no adequate counter top area to use to stage a meal even if you did all the plating in the dining room. Unless you put all of your pots and bake ware you cooked in right on the table you couldn’t serve a meal efficiently.
7. Clean Up: Set the table, clear the table…trash, sink, dishwasher. Return everything to its place and your ready for the next service. Do you have a designated and efficient clean up area?
No. There is not enough counter left or right of the sink to stage all the items that need to be cleaned up after the meal. So you can’t effectively clear the table at one time without scattering items about the counters in this kitchen. If you don’t clean up as you go you’ll have a preparation mess, and pots, pans, lids, bake ware mess, on top of your serving pieces and dining mess.
8. Are all of your kitchen items stored as close to the appliance- they will be used at most – as possible?
No. There isn’t enough storage space within the cabinetry that exists to make this a possibility.
9. Are all of your kitchen items easily stored and retrieved for storage and use?
No. Because, your kitchen items are scatted about the kitchen due to the lack of storage space in the cabinetry, and the pantry that exist.
10. Are all of your appliances located where they are most efficient?
Yes, given the constraints of this kitchen space.
11. All of your basic functional appliance requirements met?
No. Ref/f needs counter top to the left to stage items coming out and going back in. The counter is much too small for this purpose.
No. The Range needs at least 18” of counter to the right and left of it for staging items used during cooking. The oven needs counter space 27” minimum. Large enough for staging items going into and coming out of the oven. If you’re baking trays of items you’ll need more counter surface.
No. The Sink needs at least 30” of counter top to the left and right. This minimum doesn’t exist making everything done at this sink wall a challenge, and more time consuming.
No. The Microwave being above the range needs 18” of counter space minimum to stage and prepare whatever you are putting in and taking out of it.
12. Does your kitchen plan performs all 5 Basic Tasks as efficiently as possible, and thus work intuitively?
No for all the reason listed above.
13. Do you have the best possible layout (combination of appliances, cabinetry, and kitchen items) possible to use as your ultimate kitchen plan, that resolves all your past kitchen problems, and gets you that new life you want waiting for you on the other side of your kitchen project?
No, not even close.
There I a lot you can learn about your kitchen if you listen.
And we could get into even much greater detail, but there is no time for that here. However, you’ll never know if you don’t know how to interpret what your kitchen design drawings are trying to tell you. Until after you make the wrong investment and it’s too late. Then you’ll blame yourself for hiring the wrong help and say,
“If I knew then what I know now, I would have done things very differently.”
This is your onetime kitchen project experience for this home… Don’t Screw Around! If you don’t understand your kitchen design drawings Get Help!
Get our booklet and invest a little time, or it’s a small price to pay someone to explain them to you so you’re Clear about the kitchen you’ll end up with, and what exactly you’re paying for.
It’s your life and the value of your home that are at stake here…It’s you decision.
Demand Better Performance
Joe Brandao
Kitchen Performance Consultant
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