Make Your Kitchen Project Run Smoothly

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18 Step Cheat Sheet

Here is Our 18 Step Kitchen Project Performance Management System Cheat Sheet to follow that works like a charm. It’s what all of our (over 300) kitchen projects have in common.
Even though every; client is unique, kitchen space is unique, kitchen performance problems are unique, kitchen design solutions to resolve these kitchen performance problems are unique.
They all follow these 18 Steps.

Kitchen Project Process Map

You should consider it too! So you can maximize your new kitchen project’s overall long term performance, in order to turn your kitchen expense into a best long term investment.
What is Unique about this System and where you’ll get the most leverage of all 18 Steps is in Step 3.
Kitchen Plan Analysis it’s what we call the process of space planning every kitchen layout possibility we can think of. Like all these layout possibilities
Because you’ll want to try every possible combination of the appliances you want to use with cabinetry that serves those appliances efficiently. So you’ll get to see every kitchen layout that can possibly be sketched, drafted, and present to you for consideration. That meets your new kitchen criteria established in Step 2 of these 18Steps.
Step 4 Test Your Kitchen’s Overall Long Term Performance
In Step 4 you’ll Evaluate each layout to discover how well each performs the 5 Basic Tasks and just how efficiently. So you’ll have all the decision making information you’ll need. This way you can decide which one will serve you best and provide you the most benefits and value. For the time and money you’re spending, and the risks you’re taking in tackling your kitchen home improvement project.
Here is our 14 Point Kitchen Performance Checklist you’ll use to perform your own Kitchen Design Diagnostics to determine your new kitchen project’s overall long term performance.
Your new kitchen should be designed to be your permanent solution to your kitchen problems. Because kitchen cabinetry can live a 50 year life (according to a study by NAHB) . You should consider your kitchen project, and treat it as your long term investment in improving the value of your home and your life in it permanently.
Buy it, Use it, Enjoy it, and Reap the Benefits of selling your home with a kitchen that doesn’t need to be remodeled every time the latest trends change. You’ll have to want more, expect more, and pay the price. Although the price you’ll pay is far less than the value you’ll receive immediately – that will continue over time.
Because you’ll begin your kitchen project with your ultimate kitchen plan – and you’ll decided for yourself which kitchen layout is the best foundation to design and build your new kitchen on (see an example of Kitchen Plan Analysis click here) .
Make A Great Investment In The Value Of Your Home & Your Life In It.
Or do what everyone else is doing…make the wrong investment by settling for a trendy new kitchen to replace the old one. So you can replace it in 8 to 12 years when it’s no longer in fashion, becomes dated, and needs replacing.
Get That Ultimate Kitchen You Really Want That Will Last
Once Again Owning A Kitchen That’s Dated & Needs Replacing
It’s your decision.
Demand Better Performance
Joe Brandao
Kitchen Performance Consultant
P.S.: If you’d like the Kitchen Project Design Special Report this cheat sheet came from click here.

18 Step Kitchen Project Management