4 Step Kitchen Design
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OVERWHELMED By Your New Kitchen Project? Too Much To Do In Your Busy Life Already… Don’t need one more thing you just don’t have time to manage? Don’t worry your kitchen project can be as easy as 1, 2, 3! … Read More

Make Your Kitchen Project Run Smoothly
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18 Step Cheat Sheet Here is Our 18 Step Kitchen Project Performance Management System Cheat Sheet to follow that works like a charm. It’s what all of our (over 300) kitchen projects have in common. Even though every; client is … Read More

Kitchen Design Tip
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For more tips like this one go here:

How To Read & Understand Your Kitchen Drawings
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What Does Your Kitchen Layout Drawing Tell You… If You Know How To Listen? Look at this kitchen plan. It’s simple enough to use for demonstration because there is not much too it. However, it has a lot to say … Read More

Designing Your Kitchen
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You’ll NEVER Get Your Ultimate Kitchen Because, You Will Never Get To See It! Here’s Proof go to: there are only 12 different layouts – representing some very different kitchens. If this were your kitchen project you won’t get … Read More

Kitchen Project Design Advice
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How NOT To Hire Help Designing Your Kitchen The Conversation With Your Kitchen Designer… That Will Never Happen, But Should! You: How do get started designing my kitchen? Kitchen Designer:  “You Need To Pay 10% to 20% Upfront.” You:  “10% … Read More

Kitchen Design Company Store
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Get Valuable Kitchen Design Info No One Else Is Sharing Kitchen Design Company Store Is Where You’ll Find… Kitchen Designing Books, Guides, Tools, & Proven Process To Follow So You Can Focus On Getting The Kitchen You Deserve & The … Read More

Kitchen Design Functionality Test
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Our Kitchen Design Functionality Test Will help you with space planning your new kitchen. This test is a series of simple multiple choice questions that you answer. Each answer has a number value, and at the end you add up … Read More

Kitchen Design Monthly
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                                                                      Kitchen Design Monthly For back … Read More

Kitchen Performance Consulting
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The Odds Are Against Your Kitchen Project Being Successful You Won’t Get All You Could And If You Follow Everyone Else… I Can Guarantee It! You’ll Take The Wrong Approach + Hire The Wrong Help + Choose The Wrong Solution … Read More

Kitchen Design Of The Week
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Is brought to you by the Kitchen Design Idea Book. 50 plans and perspective drawings makes designing your kitchen easier.   Looking at this kitchen layout & 3D Perspective drawing, “Is this the kitchen you really want to build?”   … Read More

Kitchen Design Project Special Report
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What Is Your Existing Kitchen Worth? Only a kitchen performance consultant would know this answer to this question. Before I tore the kitchen out -that I inherited when I bought this place…                 … Read More

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