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How NOT To Hire Help Designing Your Kitchen

The Conversation With Your Kitchen Designer…
That Will Never Happen, But Should!
You: How do get started designing my kitchen?
Kitchen Designer:  “You Need To Pay 10% to 20% Upfront.”
You:  “10% to 20% Of What?”
Kitchen Designer: “10% to 20% of what I think your kitchen project will cost to complete for you.
You: “How can you give me an estimate that’s accurate without knowing, what my kitchen layout is, how big my kitchen will be, how it will look, what cabinetry quality, door style, wood species, finish, hardware, and counter top material I want to use?
Kitchen Designer: “It’s just an estimate to give you an idea how much your new kitchen will cost if you work with us. You asked me to give you an idea of what it would cost.”
You:  “So you want me to take a huge leap of faith and pay you upfront 10% to 20% of what you guess it may cost, and sign this contract which obligates me to buy my cabinetry from you with no proof I’ll get the kitchen I want?
Kitchen Designer: “Yes. It’s the same offer you’ll get from everyone else you talked to.”
This Approach Gives You No Choice
Well…Is this what you really want to do, pay upfront and hope they’ll deliver on all their promises made, with no guarantee you’ll get what you want at this guestimated price?
Probably not, but you will have a similar conversation and you will – as idiotic as it seems – pay upfront and hire help having no idea what you’ll get, how they’ll deliver on their promises, or if you’ll like the kitchen they’ll deliver.
You’ll Get A “Trendy New Kitchen”… It Won’t Be Your Kitchen
Because this is what the Kitchen Remodeling Industry Offers, this is how you will tackle your kitchen remodeling project. Or make the decision to do nothing (the smart decision unless you have a better strategy).
Now that you’ve see this conversation taking place from the outside without any emotional attachment you understand how one sided this antiquated buying ritual you’ll always use is. “Practicing Your Due Diligence”, Is Not Due Diligence!
Because You Bear All The Risk Without Any Proof Of Performance!
Practicing Your Due Diligence is not “Due Diligence” and is a very poor negotiating strategy to get what you really want and deserve,
Because No Negotiating Happens!
You have a conversation, show some kitchen pictures you like, to 4 or 5 different designers, and ask, “How much?” When you get your estimates you throughout the high one, throughout the low one, and pick from the middle based upon price and personality of your sales person or how impressed you are with their showroom.
Instead Of Letting Competition Work For You
So You Can Get Your Best Price & Value
You assume they’ll all “Deliver Your Kitchen” and provide the same experience in delivering it and defer to price. Even though you know that’s not truly possible, because in reality 5 different designers, 5 different experiences, and 5very different kitchen results.
You’ll pit the people you speak to against each other and the one you believe offers the best price and personality you like wins. But you’ll lose because you’ll get what always gets delivered no matter who you use practicing your due diligence.
You’ll get a trendy new kitchen to replace your old one.
You Have A Decision To Make…Antiquated Kitchen Buying Ritual Or Unique Permanent Kitchen Solution.
Demand Better Performance
Joe Brandao
Kitchen Performance Consultant
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