Kitchen Performance Consulting

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The Odds Are Against Your Kitchen Project Being Successful

You Won’t Get All You Could And If You Follow Everyone Else…
I Can Guarantee It!
You’ll Take The Wrong Approach + Hire The Wrong Help + Choose The Wrong Solution + Make The Wrong Investment = Kitchen Project Planned Obsolescence
This is because you don’t think about exactly how your kitchen works, or where all the kitchen items you own will go, or why they should go there, or if they’ll fit until after your kitchen is done and you’re moving back in. I know this beyond any doubt because this was my own experience and it made me feel like an Idiot.
“If I knew then what I know now, I would have done things very differently.”
Because, even though there is no way to know what you don’t know , or you should have done, you’ll still blame yourself for screwing your new kitchen up. When you finally discover all the mistakes you’ve made. When you’re moving into Your New, Made Just For You Kitchen!
That’s when you’ll evaluate (think about) how your new kitchen works by asking these following questions while standing in your new kitchen surrounded by all your boxes of all your kitchen items.
Where do you store all of your kitchen items?
Do you have enough space for all of your stuff?
How do you use the cabinetry & accessories you have – if it’s not ideal – for what you need to be storing?
What do you do if you run out of cabinetry before you run out of stuff?
Is your pantry big enough (assuming you have one)?
Where are you going to prepare your food for cooking…for baking…for serving?
Where do you store all of your spices, oils, cutting boards, knives, prep utensils, mixing bowls, measuring cups, and are they going to fit?
Where does your trash and recycling go, is it close to your prep area?
Where do you store all of your pots, pans, lids, cooking utensils, pot holders, dishtowels, and are they going to fit?
Where do you store all of your bake ware, roasting pans, small appliances, baking utensils, and are they going to fit?
Providing Service
Where do store all of your dishes, glasses, eating utensils, napkins, place mats, trivets, and are they going to fit?
Where do you store all of serving pieces, trays, platters, bowls, and pitchers, and are they going to fit?
These aren’t all the questions you’ll ask as you’re Adapting To Your New Kitchen Exactly like you did when you moved into and Adapted To Your Old Kitchen you replaced.
Unfortunately, it’s too late to fix what you got. Maybe next time you remodel your kitchen you’ll change your approach, avoid hiring the wrong help, choosing the wrong solution, and making the wrong investment.
If You Want To Fix This
Next time decide to invest in a Permanent Unique Kitchen Design Solution for you, your home, your kitchen problems, your space, and instead of Planned Obsolescence. To do this is Simple. You’ll Evaluate Your Kitchen’s Performance by asking and discovering the answers to Our 14 Kitchen Performance Evaluation Questions BEFORE you complete your kitchen design drawings.
You’ll discover what works well in your kitchen layout so you’ll know what you’ll keep. You’ll discover what doesn’t work well in your kitchen layout and needs to be fixed…and in the process of discovering how to fix it. When you’re done with your thorough Kitchen Plan Evaluation you’ll have the PROOF You Need. That you’re doing this right by getting the best results, most benefits, long term value, and performance possible.
Demand Better Performance
Joe Brandao
Kitchen Performance Consultant
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