Kitchen Design Project Special Report

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What Is Your Existing Kitchen Worth?

Only a kitchen performance consultant would know this answer to this question. Before I tore the kitchen out -that I inherited when I bought this place…




















and replaced it with this
I knew my kitchen was worth $33,000 a year to me. Even though I didn’t like how it looked or how it worked (neither was optimal). I know it still gives me the ability to provide food and beverage service at home.
Your Kitchen Doesn’t Make You Money
But it does give you the ability to Save Money…Lots Of It!
My wife and I both enjoy cooking, most of the time. Knowing what we spend on food and beverages each year (About $12,500) to bring home, cook, serve, and clean up. Then what it costs us not to use our kitchen and eat those meals out in a restaurant or to bring home take out (breakfast and dinner about $20 + $50=$70/day).
Then do a little basic math and discovered that amazingly enough if we eat just two meals out or bring food in ( about $70/day) we would spend approximately $45,500 each year not including the 52 meals we eat in restaurants each week, or the 28 meals we eat while on vacation for two weeks each year.
365 days/year x 2 meals/day= 730 meals/year
730 meals/year– 52 meals (Restaurant 1/week) + 28 meals (on vacation)  = 650 meals/year
650 meals/year x $70= $45,500/year – $12,500 in food & beverages= $33,000 Saved
Based on these numbers my wife and I save $33,000 per year by using our kitchen to prepare those 2 meals per day. So then you might agree that having a kitchen is a good thing. Even if horribly inefficient, ugly as sin, or falling apart, if you’re spending $12,500/year on food & drink prepared and served from your kitchen and save yourself $33,000/year you’re getting a pretty great return on the investment of owning and using your kitchen.
Now it’s not free money you still have to shop, store, prep, cook, serve, and clean up. If you have a family your expenses are higher but so are your savings over eating meals out.
Obviously there are many benefits to preparing your own food. Like knowing what’s in it, the quality of it, being in control of what you eat, and the convenience to mention just a few. Now if the kitchen you have now is saving you $33,000 per year how much would you be willing to invest to get that kitchen you really want?
And if your new kitchen is designed to run circles around the performance of your old one. Because it’s more efficient, makes performing your tasks easier, saves you precious time, works intuitively, and looks great while doing all this.
You’ll get all of these results, benefits, and save a bushel of money every year.  
Demand Better Performance
Joe Brandao
Kitchen Performance Consultant
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