Kitchen Design Functionality Test

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Our Kitchen Design Functionality Test

Will help you with space planning your new kitchen.
This test is a series of simple multiple choice questions that you answer. Each answer has a number value, and at the end you add up all the numbers and can tell if your kitchen is functional, dysfunctional and to what degree. It’s fast (about 10 minutes) and fun!
However, the total you come up with is unimportant.
The value of this test is in discovering then asking the right questions.
So you can learn from discovering the answers How Your Kitchen Works!  Also, how efficiently this kitchen layout works with its Unique Arrangement of appliances, cabinetry, and kitchen items.
So now that you understand clearly how your kitchen works, and what makes it work most efficiently. You know which tasks this Unique Kitchen Layout performs well and which tasks need to be improved.
You’ll discover that by simply re arranging your appliances, cabinetry, and kitchen items – as your test results suggest to getting a higher total – you’ll create a New Unique Kitchen Layout as you’ll improve your kitchen’s functional efficiency.
If you do this enough times you will be able to produce 3, 4, 5 or more very different Unique Kitchen Layouts (like these) giving you much more choice, decision making information, and clarity than you had before you took our test.
Every Residential Kitchen Is A Simple Machine
With One Moving Part…You!
So if you’re the one working in your kitchen. How well or poorly it actually performs directly impacts your life in a positive way or negative way each and every time you use it.
It’s your money, the value of your home, and your life that’s at stake here.
If you don’t see it this way, then you don’t realize that you are the only one that truly cares about you and your kitchen project.
Then you also don’t realize that if you take the same approach as everyone else.  You’ll get a trendy new kitchen you’ll get to adapt to. Exactly like you adapted to the kitchen you inherited, by moving your kitchen items into that kitchen that came with your home.
Because whether you decide for yourself with proof of performance or accept someone else’s opinion. You will reap the benefits or pay the consequences long after your kitchen is done. The help you took for free or hired are gone, and it’s just you… thrilled or stuck with the kitchen you bought.
It’s Your Decision Whether You Make It Or Not
Again, it’s your money, home’s value, and your life that will be affected…everyday…forever (as long as you live here). Whoever is selling you cabinetry or giving you free advice doesn’t care about you beyond fulfilling contractual obligations or their own agenda.
Take our test to get proof your kitchen will perform the way you expect it to.
Make the decision to produce and consider every possible Unique Kitchen Layout that resolves your problems and works within your space, or don’t…It’s your money, the value of your home, and your life in it.
It’s your decision.
Demand Better Performance
Joe Brandao
Kitchen Performance Consultant
P.S.: Oh I forgot to tell you…Our Test Is FREE! To get your copy click here!

Free Kitchen Design Test