Luxury Kitchen Interior Design 

This site is dedicated to Educating You the Luxury Kitchen Consumer! The information shared here no one else is sharing. It’s controversial because it’s Industry Insider Information. It’s to help you receive all the benefits and advantages available to you in designing and building your new kitchen.
It’s about getting much more of what you really want and are entitled to. While Avoiding making Huge Mistakes you won’t see coming until after you’ve made them and they can’t be fixed.

My Story

I was a client trying to figure out my first kitchen remodel in 1995, before becoming a kitchen design consultant in 1997. So I have a unique perspective on how clients are treated by the Kitchen Industry.  And it’s never to the consumers’ advantage. Not maliciously, it’s just how the Kitchen Industry Works.
I went from thrilled with my new kitchen to disappointed and that quickly. And I lived with my disappointment and was reminded every day until we sold and moved in 2001. I didn’t make the same mistakes the second time, and here is an opportunity to learn from my mistakes. So you don’t have to learn from yours.

Sell Kitchen Get Check

From personal experience I can tell you this. You won’t get what you want. You will be allowed to make huge mistakes. You won’t be offered any guarantees or protection. You won’t get much lasting value. You’ll be asked to pay 10 to 20% upfront before any work is done.

The Worst Part

You expected much more because you’re spending so much money. But it won’t matter that you’ve spent over 100K to get your new kitchen. You’ll still end up saying,

“If I knew then what I know now, I would have done things very differently.”

Just like I did making your New Kitchen Design Project experience all the more hollow and frustrating. Even though all your family and friends tell you how awesome your new kitchen is.

The Goal

Is to help you get the best results and greatest value possible from the investment you’re making in your new kitchen project for your life in this home, whether you use our services or not.
We don’t want you to run out and get a beautiful new kitchen that you’ll want to tear out in 8 to 12 years when your appliances start to fail. There‘s no value in that for you, and exactly what The Industry wants you to do. Why else is The Industry always pushing the latest trends?
Hopefully we’ll convince you to design and build your ultimate kitchen. If you’re doing this once why not get that kitchen that works intuitively. That’s going to change your life in a very positive way every day. The one you’ve promised yourself that you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with. If only you knew how to do it.
We’ll share how to do this without the usual risk. You shouldn’t have to make a 10-20% kitchen project design payment up front before you actually get tangible, desired results.

Pretty Lofty Goal

With help you’ll design that kitchen that’s uniquely your own not a copy of someone else’s idea of what you should live with.  It will be and remain beautiful. And it will be and remain efficiently functional for as long as you own it.
So your new kitchen project can and will produce the best results and most value possible for you, your home, and the kitchen space you have to work with. A do this once permanent solution to your kitchen project design dilemmas.

How Will You Do It?

By showing you what’s possible to achieve, and then the process to follow to get you there. Where to start, What needs to be done, How to do it, and in what order. So you can make managing and participating in your project easier and much more enjoyable.
You’ll discover what to be aware of so you don’t make common mistakes. Mistakes you’ll hate making that you’ll just have to live with.  Minimize or eliminate your risk entirely. Encourage competition to work for you so you can get the best price and most value possible for your specific situation.
Teach you how to use Decision to get what you really want, and not Choose from what someone else wants you to buy.
If you’d like to learn how to manage and complete your new kitchen design project easily, so you don’t end up with one more thing you just don’t have time for. If you’d like great results and a long term solution so you can do this once with confidence and certainty. And get much more than what’s currently offered in your marketplace.
And without necessarily spending a lot more money, than this site is for you.
Demand Better Performance
Joe Brandao
Kitchen Performance Consultant
The Kitchen Design Company