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How do you know you’re making some, if not all of these 7 Kitchen Design Mistakes?

You hired a kitchen designer and paid 10% to 20% Upfront to get started with them to help you in designing your kitchen.
What are your distinct advantages of doing business with them, opposed to others you’ve gotten estimated kitchen project costs from?
If you don’t know with clarity you’re making at least three of these 7 Mistakes.
You can’t know how much this kitchen is really going to cost you, because it hasn’t been designed yet.
You don’t know what it is going to look like.
You have no idea if you’re going to like what they design for you.
You don’t know how your new kitchen will work or if they are going to resolve your current kitchen problems or create new ones.
By giving them 10% to 20% of the estimated cost of your kitchen project you’ve already paid them.
How much time and attention are they going to give to the design of your new kitchen?
Did you get any guarantees…any guarantees at all?
Like the estimate price is the price or less and won’t be exceeded.
Or if you don’t like the design work they produce for you you’ll get some or all of your money back.
Or if you want to stop working with them you’ll be able to get out of the contract you signed obligating you to purchase your cabinetry from them.
Probably not….As you can see You are taking or took a Huge Leap of Faith.
It’s how almost Everyone Does This! 
Not the best way to make such a large buying decision. You won’t be successful in getting what you want because you have, or will make at least these three Mistakes.
  1. My kitchen layout could be better.
  2. My kitchen didn’t turn out the way I thought it would.
  3. I don’t know where any of my kitchen stuff is supposed to go!
Don’t get a copy and your kitchen project will only be 57% as successful as it could have been.
Making Only 3 of these 7 Mistakes Is Still Failing.
It’s your money, the value of your home, your only new kitchen (for as long as you’re in this home),  and it’s your decision.
Demand Better Performance
Joe Brandao
Kitchen Performance Consultant
P.S.: Even if I told you the 7 Mistakes you’ll make – you’ll still make at least three of them. To find out why and to avoid all 7 get your copy of this report
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